Letters to Leaders

The following point came to my heart to minister to the missionaries at a recent Time of Refreshing. I though you my be challenged by these thoughts.

1. Keep the cross of Christ expressly in every message.

2. Always make faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ more important than faith in the promises of God.

3. Never teach “Biblical Principles” without showing the need for Jesus to make them work.

4. Expect God to establish your relationships.
5. Always establish membership out of God given relationships.

6. Always expect God (through prayer, and the Holy Spirit) to direct you.

7. Never “do something” because you saw someone else do it successfully.

8. Study to show yourself “approved unto God”, not to “prove your case.”

9. Always minister (preach, teach, pray for counsel, etc.) because you love people, not because you want to change them. (Remember, only God could change you, only God can change them.)

10. The “Laying on of Hands” is just one of many ways of imparting the Holy Spirit to people.

11. Let the Holy Spirit be “super” and you be “natural” Any great difference between “you in the pulpit” personality and “you at home” personality means that one of the may be contrived (not natural).

12. Energy may not be the product of the anointing.

13. What you build with carnal technique you must maintain with carnal technique. What God builds through you He will maintain.

14. The only thing constant with God is change. He never changes but He calls us and our ministry to constant change.

15. God is your financial source, not people or your ministry.

16. Frustration and discouragement often come when we get weary in our well doing and expect rewards of the world, forgetting the rewards of God.